The Sweet Life

I had a crazy Friday night- stayed up until 2am.... cleaning my closet!
I had to break out my summer clothes bins and decide what cold-weather0clothing needed to stay out a littler longer and what winter gear could be put away in exchange for summer dresses and shorts! I am now officially ready to start packing for the beach!

Saturday started with a trip to The Original Pancake House- pancakes and bacon are the perfect way to start any weekend if you ask me!

We then bundled up and headed to the Sweetlife Festival. The weather was unpredictable and yucky like last year but the awesome tunes and the even more awesome people watching (a lot of under-dressed and over-drunk hooligans) more than distracted me from the rain. And this year I remembered to bring a rain coat with a hood so I was pretty happy dancing in the rain!

With my sweet roommates: you can tell by the non-frizziness of our hair that this was pre-rain shower.

The Shins played so many of their older songs/ a bunch of my favorites!
I ♥ them.

Our evening ended after Kid Cudi! He was so much fun!!! My roommates were less impressed but I had a blast dancing like a fool in a huge crowd!

Sunday I was pretty exhausted but my darling sister woke me up with a cheery phone call and all was well. I can't wait to see her on Friday and then get to spend an entire week celebrating her graduation.

Later that day I hit up H&M. I had pinned a couple cute things from there and was not disappointed! I could have bought 100 different things. I was mostly looking for stuff to take to the beach and fill in the gaps my closet cleaning pointed out! And while I did buy a cute dress and new shorts (both mint colored) I scored some new work wear (also in mint...) that I'm hoping it will be warm enough to wear this week.

More on my mint madness tomorrow...

By the way- I linked up with Miscellany Monday. Thought I'd just do something a little different for today since this wasn't the most well thought out post.

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  1. What a cute name for a festival and how cute are you and your "roomies." I love mint green and imagine it is a great color for you as well.

    Enjoy, enjoy celebrating at the beach!

  2. You're adorable!! Can't wait to see you in your mint in person!

  3. Glad you had a sweet time at the festival! Talk to you soon! XO

  4. Wait. Is Mint the new in color?! I didn't get that memo. :)

    It looks like you had some fun girlfriend time! My Hubs and I are headed to your city for the rest of the week... hope it's nice and sunny for us!


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