Memorial Day Weekend Wedding

This past weekend I got to have another reunion with some more of my best friends at a wedding (tis the season)! I arrived in NC late (thanks Philadelphia airport- I could've driven there faster) Friday night and couldn't wait to see everyone. I love getting joining hotel rooms with my besties!

We woke up in the morning and met the bride and some of the bridesmaids for brunch- she seemed so calm and just plain excited. A big pancake breakfast with the girls was a good way to kill some time before she had to go get ready. I'm impressed she was able to sit still.
My roommate from college and I were wearing the same dress and couldn't resist documenting it. (Target, in case there was any question.)

We also had some time to kill before the ceremony- not that long though: 7 girls, 2 showers, you do the math. I must say we were a very colorful party and definitely stood out as the college friends of the bride.
I got to wear a new-ish dress that I am in love with! It's "tangerine" colored, has pockets, is swingy, and from Urban Outfitters. I also got a new bright necklace from H&M to go along with it.
Above is my forever roommate as we like to think of ourselves.
And this sweet girl is my current roommate who was a bridesmaid. The bride's colors were red and black which is not common for summertime but was very much her style.

We were the last ones on the dance floor and I was tuckered out by the time we got back to the hotel- of course that didn't stop me from staying up for more girl talk time. I gotta say- I'm a big fan of holiday weekend weddings. It was so nice getting to take our time driving home on Sunday and then having Monday to relax.

Monday night we had a small cookout at our house. I made the sweet tea and peanut butter cookies- both very American in my opinion.

I am loving that this is a shorter week and will hopefully make it easier to get back into blogging (I feel like I am always saying that...)


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