One More Sleep...

...till I'm home with my family!

Sadly Spring Break does not exist in the corporate environment that I find myself in so I don't get any time off this weekend. (It really bothers me that I don't get Good Friday off...but I wont go into that).

Fortunately I'm still leaving work a little early tomorrow and taking the train up to NJ for a drive-by visit with my parents and sister. I'm looking forward to good ol' quality time with them, relaxing and catching up and enjoying yummy food:

I ♥ deviled eggs, ham, pineapple dressing (I hope)!

Usually I get a new dress to wear to church on Easter but I haven't done much shopping lately. I haven't gotten all my spring/summer clothes out of storage yet and that's such a pain so I might have to pop into Urban Outfitters after work and get this cute lacey frock. I tried it on in yellow a while back but I think I like the pink better. And with a fun bright color belt or jewelry.

I might have to pick up a few more springy pieces to add to my wardrobe while I'm in there...


  1. Oh, hope you can pack all kinds of fun into your short visit at home. And, love, love the dress, go for it!

  2. No more sleeps now! : ) Can't wait to see you later today. I love the dress. The yellow looks cute on, it almost looks green in the picture?

  3. I hope you bought that looks so good on you...perfect color! Happy Easter to you and your family!


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