Young Life Music

Every week at Young Life club I stand up in front of any where from 20-40+ high schoolers (we are growing- slowly but surely) and lead music. I'm joined by a few awesome girls who also get up there with me to sing. You may think this sounds intimidating/scary and I'm just going to let you go on thinking that.

But seriously, I love leading music and I love that music is a part of Young Life clubs. Singing your heart out is my favorite way to worship the Lord. Hearing others singing along with me, makes my heart soar! Each week though I am often at a loss for what songs to play. I usually play 5 secular songs/popular songs and 1 "content"/worship song. The method for my madness choosing songs each week comes down to a pretty complicated ;) list of questions that I have to ask myself.

1. What 5 songs did we sing last week?
2. Seriously, why can't I remember what we played at the past couple clubs??
3. Will they even know this song? (This is becoming more of an issue as the songs I loved singing in my club when I was in high school are now 6+ years old. Also- when I used to lead in SC we sang A LOT of country songs... and that doesn't always translate up here.
4. Can I even play this song? You pretty much only need to know 4 chords to play 90% of young life club songs but if the answer is no... I can sometimes wing it if I play a little quieter and get everyone to sing a little louder.

Here's what I've played at the past couple clubs -a lot of YL classics that never get old and a few new-ish ones as well:

Tonight, Tonight-Hot Chelle Rae
All For You- Sister Hazel
Hero- Enrique Iglesis
Wonderwall- Oasis
Who Do You Say That I Am

Lean On Me
Free Falling- Tom Petty
I'll Be-Edwin McCain
Livin' on a Prayer- Bon Jovi
It's Amazing

And last night we sang:
Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson
I Want It That Way- Backstreet Boys
All Star- Smashmouth
Bad Moon Rising- CCR
Light The Fire

If any of you readers out there in the blogosphere are also Young Life leaders and have any song suggestions, I am always looking for new ones. So leave a comment with some of your clubs' hits!


  1. This is great. Thanks Shannon!

  2. I love knowing this about you! All for You (Sister Hazel) is one of my all-time favorites. Can we sing it on the porch this weekend?? See you Saturday!

  3. What a fun post. I'm sitting here thinking of old YL songs and came across your post. Love that you serve by leading songs....and kids. There's no better way to invest your time! Way to go.


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