Monday Musings

1. On Saturday I drove out to Frederick to visit with some family. My aunt and I took a very gentle yoga class in the morning. We made fun of all the lotus flower-filled with honey-chakra talk. Even though we would have liked more of an actual work out, it actually was quite relaxing (no lie, I fell asleep on the floor while in corpse pose).

2. It was an absolutely beautiful day and I so enjoyed playing outside with my cousins and drinking lots of sweet tea. We trekked into the downtown for ice cream and a quick tour. It was quite the happening place with all the St. Patty's day celebrations going on. We partook in the "bar crawl" from the safety of the mini-van.

3. On Sunday, I'm ashamed to admit this, I slept in until 1:45 pm. I didn't go to bed that late (12:30am at the latest) so I don't even understand how my body let me do that! Basically I had to jump out of bed and hurry to Young Life. My whole day was thrown.

4. With what was left of my day I went grocery shopping finally. I've been eating way too much popcorn or plain pasta with butter (the only things I'm sure to always have in the pantry) and I needed to stock up on some fruit and veggies. And of course, more popcorn. And Amy's Macaroni and Cheese. yum.

5. Peter has been down in South Carolina since the wedding last weekend. He finally got back to town yesterday. Even though it was only a week, I really missed him and am glad he's back. Hopefully he'll be able to meet me for lunch this week.

6. I could care less about basketball but I have brackets for both my job and with other Young Life leaders this year so I'm definitely more interested. I'm pretty positive I'm not going to win anything but it's a fun little competition. Of course some people take it really seriously! Do you all make brackets for March Madness?

Happy Monday! I hope this week is as beautiful as the last!


  1. Perfect weekend with family! I'm happy you have feel food in your house popcorn and plain pasta.....I feel a mom lecture coming on...where's your momma! lol! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Fun weekend! And, popcorn will always be found in our pantry too. Happy week and happy spring!


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