Fly Me Away

I have a crazy busy summer coming up and I am not complaining one bit!! I have been booking flights, trains, road trips and making travel plans and I'm not sure I can contain my excitement much longer. Warmer, sunnier days- Get. Here. NOW!

Already crossed off my list:
  • Train home for Easter-booked!!
  • Flight to see my sister graduate followed by a flight with the family to the beach- booked (by my parents, thanks guys)!!
  • Flight to bachelorette beach weekend-booked!!
  • Train to the airport and flight to wedding over Memorial Day weekend- booked!!
Still have to book the following:
  • Flight to wedding in June
  • Flight to wedding in August
  • Flight to girl's lake weekend (still not actually planned but you can bet I'm making it happen)
  • Flights to visit my honey in SC and road trips to meet in the middle.
  • Bus trip to Young Life camp
I've signed up to start collecting some miles but between the flights and the wedding presents and new dresses and bikinis it is not going to be the best dollar-saving-summer, but who cares! That's the best part of having a job right? Paid time off!!

Hey, it's almost April- it's not too early for some beach music right? And this song is the best!


  1. What's the say all work and no's what summer's are for...especially when you are young! So much to look forward to....have fun and enjoy!

  2. Wow! that makes me dizzy just thinking about it but oh, what fun in the coming months. Enjoy! Enjoy!

  3. I admire your organization and planning ahead, Shannon!! Good for you! AND I'm kind of envious of all of your travel plans! *sigh* But even if I wanted to do all of that traveling, I'm not at all sure that I could do it! Oh, but I love your exuberance for life!!! Livin' life to its fullest!!! :-)


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