We are having a cherry blossom themed "wine and cheese" tonight at work. If you were my neighbor you would have seen me out in the wet grass this morning snipping branches.

They then traveled from my kitchen (now sprinkled in soft rosy petals) to the metro station, precariously balanced in the cup holder in the front seat of my car.

They created an added challenge on an unusually packed metro car- I got a few double takes.

They are now resting safely on my desk for me to admire until tonight's event.

They may also be responsible for the extra sniffles I'm feeling this morning. Worth it, though, because they are so pretty! (This is my 300th post!!)


  1. Congrats on your 300th post! And the cherry blossoms are gorgeous! One of my dreams is to go to DC when the cherry blossoms are in bloom!

  2. Gorgeous flowers and what a fun night planned! Congrats on 300th post!

  3. Sooo pretty! We are going to DC in early May. I'm sure we will miss all of the blossoms... Drat.

    300! Wow! :)


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