Dreamland In Progress

My mom comes tomorrow to stay with me for a whole week!!!!! I cannot wait!!!

I am planning all kinds of fun things for us to do together. Most of them involve eating, shopping, and lots and lots of talking!

There are also a few little things that we have to take care of while I have her around. For instance, my parents got me a new queen-size mattress for Christmas! I haven't actually gotten it or even picked it out yet. I am also in the process of picking out new bedding which is so much fun although expensive (as I've gone through 3 different sets of bedding in 5 years because of switching from dorm room to sorority hall to apartment).

My plan in selecting this bedding is that it will one day be in the guest room of my future house when I am a Mrs. I want something classic and timeless and sweet-dreams inducing. I suppose I should also keep in mind that when I am a Mrs. there will inevitably be a Mr. so I am trying not to be overly girly (kinda tricky).

I LOVE an all white/neutral bed. It looks like a dreamy pillowy cloud that I just want fall into at the end of the day. This is the bedding I'm planning to get from Pottery Barn:
Of course I will girly-it-up with my shabby chic, pink, green and ruffly throw pillows!


  1. Have a wonderful visit with your Mom! We are in the process of redoing our bedroom and went with a chocolate brown and turquoise and greens in the pillows I love change!


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