Tonight after work I am meeting my roomsky and some of her work friends for dinner and a happy hour before heading to the special early release showing of Breaking Dawn at 8pm.

In the past, I'll admit it, my girlfriends and I did go to see the other Twilight movies at the midnight opening. This was mostly becasue our university student activites group rented out a theater and sold tickets for only $3. How could we not go then? But now I'm old and I never stay up past midnight anymore- except for Harry Potter, and I'll probably go to the Hunger Games midnight showing, but that's besides the point, this is just Twilight. Still I am really glad that my friend was able to get me a ticket to the special 8pm showing- it will be a fun girls night!

Back to the Hunger Games now... This new trailer was released a couple days ago and I could not be more excited! If you have not read this book do it. I promise it's nothing like Twilight!