Still Thankful

I am not going to limit the season of thanks to just one day. I am still thankful for so much and want to celebrate my blessings everyday! I am especially thankful that I got to spend the past week at home! It was a great little vacation and a wonderful holiday! It was also extra special because Peter got to spend it with my family. This was our first time celebrating a big holiday in the same place. We've been together for over 3 years now but have always been apart on the holidays. He fits right into my family and that makes my heart so happy.

Peter and I baking together. I'll share the recipe for this yummy treat tomorrow!

The five of us all gathered, ready to enjoy the feast we prepared.

We went to Wawayanda State Park one day- had to walk off all those starches.

Peter and my sister and I outside the Jets stadium. Peter, being a Redskins fan, was maybe feeling conflicted but we all enjoyed the nail-biter of a game, the great box seats, and the company!

Time with my mom and dad is hands down my favoirte part of being home, duh. I hate living far away from them (even though where they are living now is closer than we've been in 4 years, it's still not close enough).

I simply do not get enough time with my family- what really qualifies as enough time?

We went bowling, baked and cooked, went on a hike and to the football game. Forced Peter to watch home videos and Gone With the Wind. But when it all boils down I feel like all we really did this holiday was eat. Even when we were doing something else there was food present. Oh and we took A LOT of pictures which I'm pretty sure is not something Peter is used to quite yet, but in our family it's a requirement! I don't mind one bit, even though I do roll my eyes when the parentals whip out the camera for the zillionth time.

This morning I missed walking down to the kitchen and chatting with my mom and seeing my dad first thing in the morning. And don't even get me started on my sister time. Fortunately Christmas is right around the corner or I just could not bear it!

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. We loved the whole weekend! I missed your smiling face in the kitchen this morning xo


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