Weekend Recap

I cannot believe it is October. Outside this weekend it felt like we kinda skipped fall all together and went straight to winter. My closet and I were not prepared.

Both my roommates were gone for the weekend and I can't handle too much time on my own these days so I did my best to keep myself busy. On Saturday my friend Catherine and I met two guys for high tea at the Willard Hotel. It was such a nice time! Lovely hotel, champagne, tea and scones . Of course being that we are all only about 23 years old the conversation remained "high tea appropriate" for only a short time...oh well.

Afterwards Catherine had planned the perfect cold, rainy, fall afternoon of homemade bread pudding with rum sauce followed by homemade hot chocolate- all enjoyed in comfy sweaters and yoga pants- aka perfection!

On Sunday I took myself on a much needed trip to target! I recently ordered a pair of new pants from gap that I am eagerly awaiting and I decided I needed some new tops to go with them and to get ready for the colder days ahead:
(I also got a new dress, and a basic white long sleeve top- I can never leave target with just one or two items...)
Sunday evening we had Young Life team dinner and planning time! Tonight is our first official club! I am so excited/nervous, so say some prayers that lots of kids come and that it all goes smoothly! Today is going to be an absolutely crazy day work-wise so also pray that I make it through the day without any breakdowns and have plenty of energy for club! Ah Mondays...


  1. Love shopping at Target you just can't go wrong! Hope you meeting goes well and have a wonderful week!

  2. shan!! i have been thinking about you and your YL team so much! i hope everything went smoothly for yall and that lots of kids came. can't wait to hear more about it.

  3. Hope the YL Club goes well! See you soon?


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