Off to Work I Go

Just thought I'd share more about what it is that I do up here in D.C when I'm not blogging, pinning, tweeting or facebooking....

Back in April I started a new job. I am the Meeting and Events Assistant at a BIG law firm in the city! I basically organize all the daily goings on with catering and conferences and client meetings, and on top of that I plan larger firm wide events and functions for outside groups, in our space and off-property. It's a big job, and my boss is currently on maternity leave until July so I am busy- but I really do enjoy it!

Next week we have a wine and cheese type of event that I am responsible for putting together. I came up with a Nautical/Chesapeake Bay theme! These types of events are my favorite part of my job because they are just for fun. That means I get to more be creative! I am currently trying to come up with simple, not over the not, non-tacky decorations for this event.
I started with the below image and incorporated it into the e-vite that went out:

I really like these sailing flags and am considering crafting some to string across the bar. I plan to stick with that color theme-red, navy, white and yellow/gold- for flowers and table cloths as well.

(all images from pinterest, where else?)

I'll be sure to post pictures of the final decorations after the event. Any cute and classy little nautical touches you come across, send them my way!


  1. I can tell you love your job and you're good at it. Have you thought about black-eyed susans for flowers?
    Tablecloths in blue-and-white ticking? Or white tablecloths w/ navy napkins? I have no clue what you use that's disposable vs. reusable, but white and blue are really versatile decorating colors. Of course yellow-gold decorations could be used now and in the fall, too, and even at Christmas. But I'm sure you know all this and much more, so I'll zip it. :)

  2. your job sounds SO fun and I love that theme idea! I will keep my eyes peeled for any ideas!

  3. how fun, shan! love the nautical theme. proud of you :)


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