Haircut Chicken

That title sounds a lil' strange but I am a big chicken when it comes to hair cuts. Hence why I haven't had a hair cut since September! (GASP!)
(In August- the shortest I've had it in forever, and today- it's probably at least 5 inches longer)
I am also a chicken when it comes to doing anything really different with my style. I pretty much just have long layers that are shorter in the front and frame my face. Long, long, long. And that's what I tell the hair dresser every time. But I'm getting a little bored and my hair grows fast so what do you think? Should I try something different? My face is pretty narrow and long so I'm never sure what cuts suit. But here are some styles I like, but am waayy too chicken to try:
**Also make sure to check out the new blog header I made for Mommy's Melodies. I posted about her over on my design blog.


  1. Long hair suits you but you could take some off and still be long : )

  2. I love Malin Ackerman's style! You should get brave and do that one. I think it would suit you perfectly!


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