Time Travel Tuesday

Like flashback friday only on Tuesday....

Since all my besties are coming back into town this weekend and since this weekend will be filled with reunions and bouncing back and forth between campus and my apartment and downtown I can't help it...I've been reminiscing about when we were all here together.

Is there anything more fun than getting ready for a fun night out with your friends? In college, living on the sorority hall you could hear the hubbub of everyone getting ready for a night out-people bouncing between dorm rooms borrowing shoes and swapping clothes (in fact we joked that this one particular strapless black going-out top that magically fit everyone was like our version of the travelling pants). And when we all lived in apartments I'd take my clothes and my makeup and head over to my friend's apartment with curlers in my hair so we could pre-game and all get ready together.

My one friend would always be pushing her luck with the time and I'd end up having to help her take out her hot rollers (which meant removing the curlers one at a time than twirling the curl around my finger and hair spraying each one individually) or I'd have to "pack her purse" (id, lip gloss, phone, camera, keys, cash) so that maybe we could leave on time. We'd blast girly pump up music, crowd around the mirrors, and change outfits a dozen times. Then maybe if we were organized we'd remember to snap a couple pictures before crowding into the campus shuttle (formally referred to as the drunk bus) and heading out!

Ahh..fond memories of living with your best friends...


  1. Getting ready is definitely the best part!

  2. Drunk bus is just a euphemism, right?

  3. i hope you have a fabulous weekend with your sweet friends :) i sure do miss all of mine now that we're all over the place! can't wait to see some pictures of your fun time with each other!


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