Homecoming Prep

I am so pumped for my first post college homecoming. I want October to get here now! In the mean time I am occupying myself with planning and prepping for the long weekend. I am having hopefully 8 of my girlfriends/sorority sisters staying in my little 2 bedroom apartment for the weekend (good thing I have a bed in my living room). Actually my old freshmen and sophomore year roommate plans on staying with me the whole week prior since she's on fall break! YAY! I can't wait for face time will all my besties!

So it's a pretty much exactly a month away but I couldn't resist planning how I'm going to decorate and what food I should make and all kinds of that fun stuff. Some of my friends read my blog though so I'm not going to share all the fun details but here is a polyvore for my Homecoming Party Weekend Inspiration: Traditional Fall/Halloween decorations with Purple and white accents (my college's colors) thrown in.
Homecoming Party


  1. love it!!!!! that polyvore website is so neat. good job, stylish one


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