Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gleek Out!

Glee is back!
Who watched the season opener tuesday night? It was awesome! They sang all these popular songs from today, like Empire State of Mind (Jay Z and Alicia Keys) and Billionaire (Travis McCoy) to name a few. I just love this show!

And... I am even more unbelievably stoked for next week's episode because it's all about Britney Spears and the ditzy but lovable Cheerio named Brittany!!!! I love me some Britney baby.
Here's a preview.

Also one of my other favorite shows started last tonight! Modern Family! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!


  1. I love Modern Family!! The dad cracks me up. I just caved an DVR'ed Glee- love some old school Britney!

  2. I am a total Gleek too! So excited for next week's episode, and I never was a fan of Brittany Spears!!