Birthday Month: Part 2

We interrupt Written Word Week to talk about my best friend and my sister. Today is her birthday. I can't believe my baby sister is 20 she is no longer a teenager.
In honor of her birthday this post is dedicated to her.
Here are 20 things about her....

1. I loved her the moment I met her! We have a video of us at the hospital and I just keep giving her little kisses and giggling. (if you'll notice we're holding hands)
2. She is taller than me... and I am no longer bitter about it.
3. She goes to the same college I did.
4. She and I are in the same sorority- I love that I got to share that with her and that we are sisters in every single way possible.
5. She made the move to England so much easier, she was a great shoulder to lean on (especially since it took me a little longer to adjust than her-she was instantly having fun).
6. Along those lines, she can make friends with anyone.
7. She plays the piano and sings along to musicals.
8. She is really great baker!
9. We used to play hours and hours of make believe games. Store, House, Poor, Rich, Pioneers, School. I was never bored with her around.

10. One year for her birthday she asked for and got an overhead projector. Now she is studying to be a teacher. She will be the sweetest, cutest, best teacher.
11. She and I can both talk really really fast. It's kind of like we're speaking our own language when we talk to each other.
12. The past two summers she lived with me in apartment on my couch and we didn't kill each other. Now she lives in her own apartment and I miss her being her all the time
13. Her favorite birthday cake is red velvet.
14. She had some sweet theme parties when she was younger (and I would get weirdly jealous from all the attention).
15. I know her and she knows me better than anyone.
16. She has seen me at my best and my worst and loves me anyway.
17. She had three sets of stitches before she was 3 (had to throw that in there.)
18. Even though we argue and fuss sometimes we are usually laughing and totally fine a few minutes later.
19. I am so blessed to have the best sister in the world!
20. Happy Birthday Sister! I love you!


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