Weekend Wedding Highlights

This weekend I took a mini vacation. I flew up to New Jersey to see my parents. We went to a baseball game the first night there and saw the best fireworks I've seen in a while, which was so much fun because I didn't get to see any fireworks this past 4th of July. We did a little shopping, saw the movie The Other Guys-hysterical- and I got to celebrate my dad's birthday with him.
Last night the three of us went to a friend's wedding! I LOVE weddings. I always tear up during the ceremony, and I love champagne and wedding cake and dancing the night away. If I am being honest though, my favorite part of a wedding is probably dissecting all the different parts of it and thinking: "I would have done that differently" or "oh my gosh I am soo having cotton candy at my wedding."

The ceremony was around 3 in the afternoon and then there was a couple hour gap before the reception since it was a little bit further away. This meant I got to do a wardrobe change! For the ceremony I wore this: (doesn't my daddy look handsome!?)
Um... can someone tell me when it is ever appropriate to wear shorts and a tank top to a wedding. Or when an un-tucked golf shirt became an adequate substitute for a coat and tie- because I never got the memo! (Granted there were only two offending couples rudely dressed and they did change for the reception, but I am sure my family was not the only one SHOCKED).

I would have just stayed in my cute ruffly BCBG dress but then I wouldn't have gotten to wear my hot pink heels that make me tall and that I love so much: (doesn't my mom look pretty!?)
Weddings are also prime people watching places- and this wedding just so happened to have plenty of fist pumping!
I am not judging though. It was so much fun! There was amazing food, the location was spectacular (the bride's parents were also married there, which I think is so sweet), and most importantly the bride and groom were totally, completely, happily in love.


  1. I'm so glad you got to go home for the weekend. What fun!! And happy belated birthday to your sweet Dad. I loved both of your dresses and those hot pink shoes looked great!!! Adelaide would love them too. Such a good picture of you and your Mom. And that arrangement was gorgeous. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. i love awesome weddings! I went to three this summer, and more than anything just seeing my friends so totally happy and in love was the best part!

  3. When I think about how much fun it was having you home this weekend I want to do a 'fist pump'. teehee.


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