Grown Up Girl Job

I previously mentioned that I recently joined the work force- full time. I was lucky to have made some good contacts at my job last summer and managed to score an interesting and relevant position that I think is going to open a lot of doors and that I'm actually going to enjoy.

Things I am learning so far:
1. How to stretch my pay check to cover rent, my electrical bill, my Charter bill, and my now higher cell phone bill that was handed over to me post graduation. (Plus gas, food know...trips to Target).

2. How good it feels to not have homework hanging over me when I get home from work.

3. What exactly a 401k is (or as I like to call it a "four-o-wonk").

4. How to make southern summer dresses and college-girl clothes translate into appropriate and mature work wear so that I will be taken seriously. (Solution: cute but professional cardigans and high heels to push me over 5ft tall. Plus I've resolved to no longer get up ten minutes before I have to walk out the door like I may or may not have done for classes.)

5. At the end of the day, even if it was a rough day and I am really tired and my feet ache, I remember that I am very blessed to have a job at all!! (especially a job that allows me to be home in time to have dinner with my honey and to be able to watch the Bachelorette-which is on right now by the way.)


  1. Love it...I only wish we were closer in miles but I am also thankful you have a job you enjoy.

  2. Sounds like you're making the transition from college girl to full grown woman very well! Congratulations. You are smart to be grateful to have a job!

  3. Sounds wonderful...congrats on landing a job right after graduation!


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