Dream Office

One day I would love to work for myself. I really want to do creative event planning. By this I mean designing all the creative details for weddings-using design to make them personal and unique and special. Making mood boards and personal monograms and event logos and stationary. I especially love all the cute DIY wedding projects. Fortunately my current job is going to allow me to learn a lot about event planning. When I think about having my own business I mostly think about organizing my space and having my own office to work from. I envision floor to ceiling bookshelves stuffed with books of inspiration, plus tons of cubbies for my design and craft tools.

Here are some images of my favorite office inspiration:
How compact and organized! I lust!
So trendy and yet cozy and warm.
These clipboards are a cute change from the usual cork-boards.
I love the idea of transforming a shed into an adorable work space-this way you can be at your own house but a little more separated.
Wouldn't this be the perfect space to be creative and meet with clients?!

Maybe I'll see one of these ideas or a combination of all of them become a reality one day...


  1. I love looking at design sites...it's fun to imagine how I would combine different elements for my own spaces. Good luck making the office...and the career...of your dreams. :)

  2. Hope all your dreams come true : )

  3. I know you will do this! Do what you love, love what you do.

  4. I love everyone of these offices.


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