Blame Charter

I am sorry Blog followers. I have been a bad blogger. My internet broke...thank you Charter.

In other news who watched the Bachelorette??
This season looks crazy dramatic. I feel like each new season gets more and more extreme. This season be sure to watch for: arrests, secret girlfriends, hospital visits, and lots of inappropriateness. I wasn't really a fan of Ali last season but I just can't help it-the show sucks me in every time! Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you know who my favorites are.

Now the job hunt is on!
I am looking for a job that is at least somewhat relevant to my majors. I would love to do event design/planning. I am also looking at some non-profits. Really I can't be all that picky. So wish me luck! (if you know anyone hiring a graphic design/communications major in the SC area let me know).
Post grad life has been pretty good so far! But...
...I miss these girls!!!!


  1. The Bachelorette is going to be dramatic? Who would have guessed : )

    I probably won't watch til tomorrow because I have to watch AI and Glee tonite. Hopefully I DVR'd it...I like it once they narrow it down more...I could probably skip the uncomfortable first episode.

  2. Good luck finding a job...I'm sure you will have no problem in the mean time have fun!


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