"No, I'm Sorry She Just Ironed It"

I just remembered this really funny thing that happened to me. It was actually more frustrating at the time, but looking back I can definitely laugh. While doing some shopping the other day I was reminded of an interesting shopping experience that my mom and I had in England.

Once upon a time...
My mom and I were at this mall and we walked past a shop window and I see a dress on a mannequin in the store that was pink and really adorable. So we popped into the store specifically to try on this dress. We walked over to the display and looked through all the sizes and they didn't have my size and they didn't have any in the back. So I checked the dress on the mannequin and just my luck it was the right size but instead of taking it off myself (which I totally could have done no sweat) we did the polite thing and asked a store clerk standing near by to take it off for us.

She looked really puzzled and said she doesn't know if she is allowed to and that she'll have to check with the manager. Um... ok? So we waited and she came back with the manager who says that a girl just ironed it and put it on the mannequin so they can't take it off right now- If we come back tomorrow they could probably take it off then, or maybe even in a few hours.

Now we are even more puzzled. Isn't the point of having it on the mannequin to draw in customers? Does it make sense to put the only extra-small dress in stock on the mannequin??

And it's a really simple cotton-stretchy dress that probably didn't need to be ironed in the first place!

Yep. We left the store without the dress...Isn't that crazy!?


  1. I'm speechless! They totally missed the point. Too bad you weren't able to get the dress.

  2. That is the craziest excuse I have ever heard! I would have left that store too. I don't think they were too interested in selling you a dress. The funny thing is, most people nowadays don't even iron their clothes anyway. Love & blessings from NC!


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