Since I wrote my first blog post January first, after the holidays were all over, I want to give a recap of what my wonderful break was like. This was my first Christmas at my house in New Jersey since my parents just moved there and it was only my third Christmas ever at my own home- we are usually the ones travelling to see all the relatives.

Here are the top ten highlights

1. Boyfriend and I drove from South Carolina to his dad’s house near Washington, DC. It’s about an eight-hour drive but it goes by pretty fast when you have good company and a good mix cd.

2. Spent two nights in DC and woke up to almost 2 feet of beautiful white snow!! (Seeing our capital covered in all that untouched snow was really something.

3. Managed to not be too delayed by the weather and took the train home to NJ.

4. Went to NYC! Saw all the really great decorations and window displays and the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular!

5. All the relatives from my mom’s side arrived at our house to celebrate the birth of Jesus! Wrapped gifts, exchanged gifts, opened gifts, enjoyed gifts. Enjoyed being with parents and sisters and aunts and uncles and memas and cousins. ATE WAY TOO MUCH! Washed and dried a lot of dishes. Ate some more, and then ate some cookies.

6. Got the Adobe Creative Suite4 Design Premium! My love affair with Photoshop grows everyday and now that it is on my own laptop I can do all kinds of fun things like make my own blog background-stay tuned.

7. Went to NYC again and met up with a few million of our closest friends for the New Years hullabaloo. (Visit my mom’s blog to read all about that crazy experience)

8. Went skiing with my dad.

9. Did not worry, stress, or really even think about school. RELAXED- caught up on some much needed sleep and watched a lot of tv.

10. Started a blog!

Sincerely, Shannon


  1. It's been's going too fast...whaaa!

  2. Hey Shannon,

    What great adventures you have had. Can I just say that I would have loved to be in NY at least once and you got to be there TWICE! I know you'll get there a lot more with your parents being in NJ.

    It sure sounds like you had a very blessed Christmas.


  3. Hi Shannon!
    I'm one of your mom's blogging friends.
    She is just precious and her blog posts are always so interesting.
    I'm so pleased to meet you and I will definitely be adding your blog to my favorites.
    What a wonderful Christmas break you've had. I know your parents are loving having you and your sister home.
    I'll never forget one day several months back, when I received a package in the mail from your mom. It was a Starbuck's mug from London. When she learned that I collected them she found one and mailed it to me. She barely even knew me. I'll never forget it. There might have been some yummy chocolate in the package too. :)
    It's nice to meet you and we'll talk again soon.
    Hugs from Oklahoma....

  4. I am glad you were relaxing over the break. Your being home made me relax. Dad


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