Quality Entertainment?

Last night. Two hour series premiere. The Bachelor! Who watched it?
This is Jake. He's a pilot, he wears sexy aviators, he has his own lovely house, blond hair and blue eyes. Can someone please tell me why this obvious catch needs a semi scripted, semi trashy but completely and totally addicting tv show to find a wife? He competed for Jillian's heart on the previous season of the Bachelorette which clearly didn't work out for him but he still has faith in the process. And why shouldn't he? It has such a great track record....

Jake is 31, most of these girls are 25, there is even someone on there who is 23 which is basically like my age and that weirds me out. All I can think about when I watch this show is what my parents would think if they saw me on here!!
(My dad by the way thinks this show represents the downfall of our society, this and Real Housewives of Orange County.)

Ok now, all jokes, sarcasm and criticism aside. I LOVE this show. Really! I don't really watch reality tv (or at least I try to be above it) but there is something about The Bachelor that brings me back season after season.

During the last Bachelorette my roommates, friends and I all gathered in one of the classrooms on campus with a big projector so we could watch the finale-they way it should be watched. I think that's what I like best about this show: it is so much fun to watch with your all your best girlfriends. (To enhance the viewing experience I suggest bringing lots of blankets and pillows, wearing really comfy pjs, and making sure you have plenty of candy and diet coke.)

So like The Sweet Sea I'm going to share my favorites for this season. I have two Ashley and Elizabeth but I'm sure things will change as the show goes on. Who do yall like?


  1. I like Ashley Elizabeth and Ali...I think you know how I feel about Michelle : )

  2. yayyyy!!! nice post. and seriously.... i don't understand how he was single 1) before the bachelorette and 2) after the bachelorette! haha

  3. I'm not able to watch it here and, yes, it is addictive. I don't care for the whole trashy part when they have the option to have a room key for an all nighter. It doesn't say much for either of them and their morals or self-respect. But that might be what gets your dad about it. Having said all of that, I do like the show minus the above.

    I'll pick from your two since that's all the choice I have: Elizabeth


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