a snow day

Yesterday was just one of those good days. Really just a normal day of being home, all of us, together.  It wasn't anything too out of the ordinary, except I think snow on the ground tends to add some magic to any day and it just felt like one I'd remember, or want to remember so here I am dusting off the blog, writing it down. T.J. had an important work interview on zoom in the morning (and I do kind of hope Zoom is a distant memory one day) and we needed to be out of his way so ideally out of the house but mother nature had other ideas. Thanks to that beautiful snow we got the day before, Tommy's first day back to school was canceled and the roads were too bad to leave anyway.  So instead we set up a makeshift office in our bedroom for T.J., and the boys and I shut ourselves up in the playroom, attempting to stay quiet and kill time. And while it may have been 11 degrees outside this morning, in our house the floor is always, ALWAYS lava. So we built a lava boat out of cushions, jumped from pillow to pillow to couch. We read books, listened to my new favorite song We Don't Talk About Bruno a few dozen times, had apple slices with cinnamon at their little table and chairs.  And before we knew it dad was releasing us from our confinement. 
Tommy absolutely adores the snow, does not understand why it has to melt, and seems to be immune to the cold, he would stay out for hours. Which he did the day before and then he also ventured outside solo that morning as soon as breakfast was over when it was only a balmy 8 degrees to make snow balls while the rest of us watched from the kitchen window. But after lunch we all layered up and stuffed little fingers into mittens, then zipped and tucked we piled out into our backyard. 
I remember that feeling as a kid coming in from playing all sweaty and happy with cold pink cheeks and a runny nose. Now I get to watch my wild boys stomp around in the snow and laugh and trip and fall. I got to share my sledding technique, carefully harnessed during the Blizzard of '96, with easily an impressed audience,  and I got to have a snowball fight with their daddy.  This memory making, playing, hold on tight, don't let go, is beyond worth all the minutes of dressing and undressing.  
After the boys' non-naps... we watched Encanto for the fourth time this week and then T.J. finally ventured out to pick up chicken from Publix. Meanwhile, there are all manner of boots, snow pants, hats and gloves piled up by both front and back doors and on the floor in three different rooms where they were peeled off in a huff. On top of that the Christmas decorations are in a state of limbo with the ornaments put away in their proper bin but the bin itself is at the bottom of the stairs waiting to be put in the attic and the boys keep begging for the tree to stay just a little longer or maybe forever, pretty please? Twist my arm, I'll oblige for little longer.

It's a bit chaotic and not my usual preferred state to operate in but (and maybe T.J. would disagree) I've managed to just let it go at least for the day and just enjoy a proper snow day with my family.   


  1. Nice to see you back and to share your snow day pics. Little ones grow up so fast sometimes you just have to forget the housework etc and just enjoy them while you can.

  2. What a great backyard you have for a snow day!! I well remember playing in the snow but our thing was getting out on the frozen lake with our ice skates. All day... where did that energy go? LOL Thanks for sharing your great snow day with us, Shannon!! xo

  3. So much fun and fabulous memories made! What is it about Encanto?!? It is just addictive! And wonderful and the music is fabulous!!!


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