A Sweet Second Babe is on the Way

15 weeks and it’s about time for my first bump picture and a first blog post for this sweet second babe. This pregnancy has felt, physically, very similar to my first. I never got sick, just a little queasy in the morning before I'd eat, other than that I was just extra extra tired. Pretty much how my first trimester went with Tommy and yet it’s completely different in every other way. I’m less worried about every twinge, I haven’t been anxiously checking my pregnancy app every day, I accidentally ate lunch meat the other week without microwaving it first- and I didn't freak out. And if it wasn’t for my growing belly I'd probably kinda sorta forget (for just a second) that I’m pregnant.

Maybe it has something to do with a busy toddler and an overseas move already occupying most of my brain space?
I feel a bit guilty for not savoring every minute of carrying this new life- because what a privilege and joy- but I also think it’s just how this baby is going to be. He or she is coming into our family in a wild time, multiplying our excitement, and baby is just going to have to be along for the ride and ready to go with the flow. I’m less scared than I thought I would be, wondering how I’ll manage everything with two littles in tow. Leaving the house, mealtimes, bedtimes, all in a corner of the world far away from everyone and everything familiar... I just let the (many) questions come and then I set them down. They’re still there in the back of my mind but I’m trying to keep it light, to not deep-dive into the logistics of it all and dwell, obsess, fret because I know I’ll figure all those things out just like I did with Tommy.

Before we knew for sure we were moving to Korea, I had this clear vision in my head. I’m standing in the middle of a crowded street, holding Tommy’s hand and wearing a babe in a sling while all around us is the hustle and bustle of our new foreign home. And I have a huge smile! It's been such a reassuring image to hold in my head as we head off into the unknown. God knows exactly who our family needs and He has chosen us to be our babies’ parents. This little one is meant to be a part of this adventure, in this season! And I CANNOT wait to meet our sweet new baby. 

Now I doubt I'll manage to keep up monthly pregnancy updates but I figured this baby at least deserved a solid first attempt.

Size of Baby:
An avocado. I feel like I definitely popped A LOT sooner than with Tommy which is fun since I'd prefer to look properly pregnant than like I ate too much for lunch. I've been wearing maternity jeans since around 9 weeks...partly out of necessity partly out of my love for that elastic band.

Gender: We don't know yet but we find out soon!! Our anatomy scan is the second week of June at which point we'll be living out of suitcases in an empty house and it's at 8 in the morning so I'm not sure what we'll do with Tommy for the appointment..... but I'm so excited to get to stare at our baby moving and grooving for an entire hour! It will be a moment of calm, and time to focus only on this little avocado in the middle of all the chaos.

Cravings: Salty and spicy food. I'm really thinking this move to South Korea is fortuitous because I could totally go for a bowl of hot spicy hand cut noodles. 

Symptoms: Not really. Though I do miss sleeping on my belly and I've already started waking up in the middle of the night to visit the loo.

Favorite moment so far: I've got Tommy trained so that when I point to my stomach and ask "what's inside Mommy's belly?" he says "baby!" I know he has zero idea what that actually means but I like that the idea has been planted.

Looking forward to: Feeling those first flutters and kicks! Hands down that is my absolute favorite part of being pregnant. And this time around I think it will be especially neat when Tommy can feel my belly move. Mostly I can't wait to see if Tommy will have a baby brother or sister. My heart soars when I think about that sweet relationship, the best friend I'm growing for him.


  1. You look wonderful! I am so excited for you and your husband and for your Mom ad Dad! Also, my friends have really been enjoying Korea. They are there until February and then go on to Japan. Kimchee is a must if you are craving spicy food!
    God Bless my dear!

  2. Loved this! Such a blessing in all the chaos to come!

  3. Congratulations! This is wonderful news!

    1. Happy Birthday Shannon.Congratulations on the new baby on the way! I have been following your mom since right after you got married so there have been a lot to follow since then. I too have two beautiful daughters in their thirties so I feel we have a kindred spirit. May God bless you and your family as you travel around the world to bless others.

  4. A lovely update for us! I came over from your mom's post to say happy birthday!! What a blessed year you have in store!


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