one. So glad it's Friday and that we don't have 20-30 inches of snow in the forecast like my east coast friends. I am already in spring mode (and in denial that it's still January) and tomorrow while T.J.'s at work I plan to do a little "spring cleaning" around the house (and finally unpack that last suitcase that I've hidden out of sight in the guest room with the door closed since Christmas).

two. Speaking of spring...the calendar is starting to fill up!! My old roommates just booked their flights to come out for a visit in March and I can't even handle it. I am already planning all the fun things were going to do together and I can't wait for some girl time! I haven't seen one of them since my wedding weekend! It's been far too long and I am so excited to finally have set a date!

three. T.J. also put in a request for some leave in April. Hawaii here we come!! (Hopefully. Pending any unforseen complications.) But I bought a bathing suit yesterday because I couldn't resist and it was on sale, and then spent most of the afternoon comparing flights and hotels and trying to figure out how we can go without breaking the bank.

four. I won a giveaway on instagram from Oak + Oats for a $100 gift card to Walls Need Love! They do removable wallpaper and wall decor and I am soooo excited to pick something out for our home. I'm debating between doing a big mural on the wall behind our bed, since we don't have a headboard and I think it would be a cool statement, or doing some gold foil decals in our half bath since that room is kinda boring right now. Probably end up doing both, if I'm being honest.
five. T.J. has been working so hard and in the evenings he just crashes (oh man, how we need a real vacation). He literally falls asleep on the couch every. single. night. Last night he was passed out at 7pm so we headed up to bed earlier than usual. I always go up at the same time as him but I haven't fallen asleep before him the entire time we've been married (except for one time when I was sick). Usually I'll read or play on my phone for a little while but I think it's important and so much sweeter to go upstairs together. Of course Hunley likes to snuggle with us too. Both my loves piled on me is my favorite place to be. Bring on the weekend.


  1. You have so many fun things to look forward to!! Hawaii!! What a great get-away that will be!! I will look forward to the girlfriend visit pictures and stories!

  2. I'm so excited for your houseguests!! Can't wait to be one myself : ) xo

  3. Hawaii! What great motivation with the crazy ice/snow storm going on! Jess at Just Jess


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