a winter wedding

Before I write about our first married Christmas we have to jump back to the previous weekend. T.J. and I started our Christmas vacation with a wedding in Birmingham. I always thought I was going to be a summer bride, I love sunshine, and heat, and blue skies, and the song June Bride from the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. In fact, growing up, I even thought I might walk down the aisle to that song. But ever since we ended up tying the knot on a cold rainy day in January, I find that I am actually quite partial to winter weddings. And the wedding I got to be a part of the weekend before Christmas was the most perfect Christmastime wedding you ever did see, full of twinkly lights, evergreen garlands, and snow!

The bride and I were magically, randomly, matched as roommates freshmen year of college, almost 10 years ago (can that be right?)and I was so excited to stand up next to her on her best day ever.

We left Seattle at 3:30 AM and arrived to town after a lonnng day of traveling and were greeted at the airport by my parents who were also invited to the wedding. After we quickly freshened up we hurried over to the rehearsal dinner and arrived at the same time as the bridal party. While I'd seen several of the girls at the bachelorette weekend back in October, I was so excited to be reunited with the few who couldn't come and whom I hadn't seen since my own wedding almost a year ago. We hugged excitedly and attempted to snap a good group shot (always a challenge) before sitting down to dinner, followed by a sweet slide-show and champagne toasts.

Knowing we only had a short time together, we headed out to a favorite spot of the bride and groom to prolong the festivities before the long day of traveling caught up with us and T.J. and I headed back to our hotel. The next day, like all weddings I've been a part of before, I rose bright and early to head to the church to spend the day getting hair done, steaming dresses, primping and prepping, and celebrating the bride all day long.
(Any Birmingham brides out there should definitely look at Alisha Crossley Photography. She was so sweet and fun all day,  and the preview I've seen so far is stunning!)
After an entire day spent in the bridal suite, we were all getting a little silly (and sleepy) so we cranked up some Taylor Swift to pump us up before the big walk down the aisle. And then finally it was time. The ceremony was perfect, we cheered when they kissed, and it was so special to see my sweet dear friend marry the love of her life! 

And then we headed to the reception! T.J. had spent the day catching up on sleep and enjoying yummy bbq with my folks so I was happy to be reunited with my handsome date. The bride and groom danced to "All I Want for Christmas is You" which I think was just the perfect December wedding song.  The band was fantastic and once the floor opened up we danced the night away and savoured the short time I left with my college friends. 
All too soon it was time to send off the happy couple with a handful of "snow!" This was definitely the most creative send-off I've ever seen and I am just so over the moon in love with the newlyweds! 
While they headed off to Whistler, T.J. and I loaded into the car with my parents and headed on to South Carolina. There aren't any more weddings on the horizon (yet) so we don't have another guaranteed reunion on the books. I'm really hoping it's not another year until I see my favorite friends. 


  1. Looks beautiful! Wow, she really had a large wedding party!

  2. You are such a beautiful bridesmaid! And I've never really thought of winter weddings bc so many ppl get married in the spring/summer, but those lights and evergreens...you're right, SO magical!!! :)

  3. Beautiful. I love the snow ending. :-)
    Happy New Year,

  4. It was a fun beautiful day and night! So glad we got to share in the occasion. You girls are all still so adorable : )

  5. Love the photos!! Beautiful wedding full of beautiful people!


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