Harry Potter Bachelorette Party Planning

When my friend casually mentioned going to Harry Potter World for her bachelorette weekend (see trip recap here) she should have known her equally nerdy friends would leap at the opportunity. So while we were all really selfishly excited for ourselves, I still wanted to make this about her, the bride. Once tickets were booked**  I got to work making fun surprises for the bride with a magical twist.

First I planned the typical bachelorette party trivia game where you ask the groom questions in advance and then the bride has to answer the same questions to see how well she knows her husband-to be. But this time we referred to the game as her "OWL's" (for those of you who don't know Harry Potter... I feel sorry for you) otherwise known as Ordinary Wife Level examinations. There were six categories of questions based on the Hogwarts school subjects:
  1. Potions (his cologne, favorite drink, etc)
  2. Transfiguration (what changes has she made to his condo, what would he change about her, etc)
  3. History of Magic (history of their relationship)
  4. Care of Magical Creatures (name of first pet, what would they name their pet, etc)
  5. Divination (what is he most excited for on the big day, how many kids does he see in their future, etc)
  6. Charms (favorite thing about each other, biggest pet peeve)
I made a little PowerPoint with the questions and added Harry Potter theme music and sound clips to the slides. I found a bunch of free Harry Potter fonts to use and cool graphics (like this Hogwarts parchment, these pretty illustrations, and these themed notebooks, which would make a fun favor or present for the Harry Potter fan in your life) and really had way too much fun putting it all together. (If you're interested in doing this for your own party, let me know and I can send you the Powerpoint template.)

For drinks I found little apothecary jars at Michael's and created a potion's label which you can download here. I also recreated this banner and made a candy bar with labels just like the "real" Honeydukes.
Finally I ordered our group these adorable tanks from Etsy (the bride got a white one) for us to wear in the park one day. They are super soft and comfy and I will definitely be wearing mine all over the place now. I thought the sentiment was appropriate for a bachelorette weekend, even though the naughtiest thing we got up to all weekend was sweet talking our way into the fast pass line for each ride.** 

Overall we had a blast celebrating the bride to be in the  most magical way! Now I think I'm going to go re-watch the Harry Potter movies to relive it all.

* There is an awesome military promo going on now through December where you can get 3 day park hopper passes for the price of a 1 day pass. Check with your post's Travel & Leisure office for discounts.

** When you get to the park be sure to stop at guest services and tell them you're celebrating something. They gave us buttons that said we were celebrating the bride and we were able to get on to the express lanes almost every time without actually have an express pass (which normally costs extra $$ each day). 


  1. WHAT?! that is the best Bachelorette party EVER!

  2. Do you work in event planning? teehee : ) The shirts are too cute, and so are you girls! I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend celebrating the sweet bride-to-be xo

  3. Truly a wonderful Harry Potter Bachelorette Party Planning post! I loved reading it. Anyway, I will also be hosting Bachelorette Party for my sister. I would like to host this party at an outdoor Chicago event space instead of hosting at someone’s home.

  4. Hi! I'd love to get your template/questions! I'm mid planning of a HP bachelorette party myself!

  5. Hi!

    I, too, would love to get your template and questions! I am planning on doing something similar for a different HP bachelorette party, this would be great!

    1. Hi!! So sorry I overlooked this! Shoot me an email (shannon@sincerelyshannon.com) I'd be happy to send you everything I have!!


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