Go Huskies!?

On Saturday T.J. was given a pair of tickets to the UW vs. Cal football game by one of his coworkers and we headed out for a fun fall date. We were also given tickets to a boat cruise which took us from Ballard to the Husky stadium, which I was much more excited about than the actual game.

We're not bandwagon Seahawks fans which really puts us at odds with the rest of the state of Washington, but we decided we could support our local college team since they rarely, if ever, play against Clemson or an SEC team. And I like that they have colors similar to our own college team.

Now if this was the South I'd have probably donned a cute sweater dress and some tights and boots. But no one dresses up for games here (or for anything really), partly because it's chilly but mostly because it's Washington, so instead I settled for a purple sweater, skinny stretchy black pants, a vest and boots. And honestly I felt a little overdressed- hah. I also wore my purple FU hat which always gets me a few double takes out here because no one has heard of Furman and maybe they just think I'm telling people off.
We boarded the boat a couple hours before kick off, grabbed me a bloody mary and found some seats on the top deck to enjoy the ride. It was an absolutely beautiful, crisp, sunny, fall day and it was so fun to see Seattle from the water. We passed under beautiful bridges, and cruised by so many unique house boats, it really gave us a new perspective of our adopted city.
As we got closer to the campus we passed through the waters dominated by the UW crew team and it was fun to see where all the different classes and teams had left their mark painted on the walls along the water as encouragement towards the finishing line. Have you read The Boys in the Boat yet? You need to! Put it on your list now.
If  I had been a student at UW I definitely would try to find a friend with a boat so that we could tailgate on the water. In fact I probably wouldn't have actually gone to the games and just spent my Saturdays cheering on the Huskies from the dock. Boat people are the best people and it was a really fun atmosphere.
When we got to the stadium we grabbed some food, fish and chips and fried clams, (have you ever had this at your college football games??) and settled in to our seats.  T.J. was excited to be at an actual football game and I was excited to see they had an actual Husky dog running up and down the sidelines. Clearly I have my priorities in order.
We ended up leaving at half time since it got kind cold in the stadium and UW wasn't doing anything spectacular. We ubered back to our car and headed home to our pup instead. We're not die hard fans yet but we're another step closer to becoming passable pacific north westerners.


  1. Very fun day. Not quite the Volunteer Navy but looks like a great atmosphere. Miss you so much.

  2. What a beautiful day for a game and boat ride. Thanks for sharing your adopted city with us. You both look great.

  3. Another fun adventure for your two!! I enjoyed your photos and excellent descriptions!

  4. Sounds like so much fun!!! That's so interesting to me that people would dress up for games elsewhere. I'm just a true PNWer at heart. :-)

  5. Gorgeous photos! Seattle is such a beautiful city! :)


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