the last away rotation...for now

We have almost reached the end of his intern year and T.J. is about to start his second year as an ortho resident. I am so proud. He made it through this tough year of  being the low man on the totem pole,  away rotations, and a steep learning curve. I love that even though he was probably sleep deprived, run down, and stressed out when he walked through the door most evenings, he was still my sweet, upbeat, easy going guy (and the cutest Dr. I know). 

Second year, I've been warned, is even harder and pretty much the worst year. The hours are longer, the overnight call will be plentiful, and the responsibilities even heavier. But no away rotations, so... silver lining my friends.

T.J. has been on an "away" rotation in Seattle this month. I say "away" because really Seattle isn't really that far away. But it's not right here with me and he doesn't get to come home so it actually feels very far away. This is his last away rotation until third year and while I'm bracing myself for a brutal second year, at least I'll get to have him home with me (most of the time). And even the nights when he's on call and literally residing at the hospital, at least he'll be close by. I can pop by for visits and bring him dinner and there's just something comforting about knowing he's just down the road.

But we've made the best of these away rotations and try to enjoy spending time in the city. This past weekend I popped up there (sat in 2+ hours of traffic) for a visit. T.J. was just getting off an overnight shift and managed to get in a quick nap while I was stuck in traffic but once I arrived we headed out to enjoy a sunny Seattle day.

We had the original idea to visit Golden Gardens Park. And by that I mean we were there with literally every other similarly pale north-westerner enjoying the beach. T.J. and I had visited back in January and it was definitely a different scene. It was packed! And people were actually swimming, which seemed a little premature since it wasn't exactly "hot" outside and I have a feeling the water was basically one degree above freezing. But seize the day!

We left the crowds and headed in to Fremont. We grabbed a drink outside on the patio at Fremont Brewing. They provide free pretzels to munch on and Hunley enjoyed eating the pieces off the ground and giving us puppy dog eyes with the hopes we'd share our beers with him.
We then meandered around Fremont and of course made a stop at the troll before dropping the pup off at the apartment and heading out for burgers at 8oz Burger & Company.  And on our walk to the restaurant we noticed a bunch of people with pretty good looking ice cream so we made a note to grab one for ourselves after dinner. We followed the scent of waffle cones and then waited in a bit of a line at Molly Moon's. We had to sample most of their flavors and then settled on Maple Walnut for T.J. and I chose Earl Grey. It was the perfect summer date!
On Sunday I let T.J. sleep in and then we grabbed lunch and napped some more before T.J. had to head back in to the hospital and Hunley and I headed back home. The countdown to second year is on!


  1. A very sweet post, and congratulations to you both for making it through that first year!! Hunley is GROWING!! How cute is he?!!

  2. That is just about the cutest puppy I've ever seen!!! Adorable!


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