Leave Part 1: Portland

T.J. and I finally got to take some leave together! Multiple uninterrupted days in row. Hasn't happened since our mini moon. Waking up in the morning together (and not just for a bleary eyed kiss as he heads out the door to work) and having someone to wrangle the puppy with me was glorious.

We booked our getaway before we got Mr. Hunley and after confirming the hotels were dog friendly we decided to bring him along for the ride. And let's just say we learned a lot about traveling with a puppy and about ourselves....hah.
We left Friday afternoon and headed South to Portland, Oregon for Friday and Saturday night. We stayed at the Riverplace Hotel by the waterfront which ended up being great since there wasn't much green space elsewhere in the city for our puppy to do his business. Honestly most of our time there was spent taking Hunley out, making sure Hunley didn't have an accident in the hotel room (he did), keeping Hunley from eating cigarettes off the ground, and stopping every five feet for strangers to pet Hunley. He was the cutest puppy in Portland I'll have you know, and quite the celebrity in the VooDoo Doughnut queue.

Long story short, we gave him his first bath on this trip because he was so gross from all the city grime. It definitely made us appreciate living out in the burbs. We also stayed in the hotel more than we might have normally, which was okay because T.J. especially needed this time to rest and relax and regroup before getting back to the grind this coming month. Also, I love family naps. 

On Saturday morning we braved the Saturday Market which sufficiently stressed the pup out enough that we could leave him napping in the hotel for the afternoon and sneak out by ourselves for a couple of hours. We used the streetcar to get around and stopped in a couple breweries to unwind without a wet dog in our laps. 
We both agreed we might need to come back to Portland without Hunley to properly experience all it has to offer, live and learn though. On Sunday morning we loaded up the crate, the dog bed, the luggage, and headed to greener pastures and wide open spaces in the Columbia River Gorge. Can't wait to show you more!


  1. People who travel with their pets are brave, indeed!! Seems like you all survived and did okay!! He is SO precious! Can't wait for your next post!!

  2. I'm glad you had the wide open spaces at the back end of the trip. I'd like to see the Columbia River area next time we're out. I have a long list of to-sees : )


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