Reception: Part 2

After the cake cutting my dad gave his toast. Leading up to the wedding I know this was something my dad put so much thought into, wanting to say just the right thing and it was so perfect.  He was funny and sweet and made everyone feel welcome and did his best to cover a lifetime of a father's love. He also shared the poem that grandpa, his dad, had written and shared at my parents wedding. Such a precious gift. At the end of his toast we clinked glasses and then my dad asked me to dance. We went back and forth (and back and forth) on what song we wanted to dance to and finally settled on My Little Girl- Tim McGraw. That song has the sweetest words and I just swayed held on until the music stopped.
I love my grandparent's expressions in this picture- they were so shocked and happy when my dad read the poem. 
T.J. and his mom danced together next and then the party really got started! The band was amazing and they had everyone on the dance floor for the rest of the reception. That was the most important thing to me, I wanted our guests to have fun, to dance all night, to have sore feet and smiles on their faces. And since T.J. and I did a pretty good job of greeting all our guests during dinner we got to dance right along with our friends and family. 
I tossed my bouquet, danced with my family and finally got to witness my dad "gator." We got a little bit softer and then a little bit louder now. And before I knew it, the evening was coming to a close. 
After the last dance our guests made their way outside and were handed sparklers. We gave extra long hugs to our families and said thank you thank you thank you to our wedding planner. Then we also headed outside, took one last kiss for the cameras, and ran through the sparklers and the rain heading arm and arm to our hotel as husband and wife.  
Best. Day. Ever.


  1. I'm going to miss reading about the wedding and reception!! It almost feels like I was there, from your posts and your mom's. How absolutely wonderful it was!

  2. love your grandparents expression also. You really have the prettiest pictures I have seen. Your photographer did an awesome job.

  3. So sad we're at the end of the reception. I have loved re-living it all with you : )

  4. I love this post and love you even more. Dad

  5. Awe, this has been such fun. I'm thinking a movie should be made of the whole affair. It would be a big hit for sure. Such enjoyment!


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