a weekend in Seattle

In between wedding posts I still want to record the day to day stuff we are up to as well. Last week T.J. started a month long rotation of overnight shifts at a different hospital in Seattle. He occasionally has these away rotations and while it means I have to spend some weeks alone in our house it also means I get to drive up and spend a few days exploring the city with him when he has a day off.

This month he has every Monday off through till the time his shift starts on Tuesday evenings. I drove up on Sunday and got in around the time he was waking up from his post night-shift snooze. The Army puts him up in an apartment near the hospital during these rotations so he showed me around the neighborhood and the medical campuses. He had to work that night but we made plans to do more sightseeing on his day off.

Monday, the start of our weekend, arrived and I dragged him out of bed in the afternoon. We then stepped out into the sunshine (thank you for that, Washington), and headed out for donuts. It was quite the walk down there from T.J.'s apartment. Let's just say that Seattle is an interesting and kind of weird city unlike other cities I've visited or lived in before.

We found our donuts at the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company in the market by the waterfront and grabbed half a dozen cinnamon and a half a dozen sprinkled donuts (don't worry they're miniature size, though I could probably eat half a dozen full sized donuts....) and took our sweet treats to the pier to enjoy.
After our nutritous breakfast/lunch we headed inside the Seattle Aquarium (not too big, but in a fun location and they have some cool exhibits) where I was able to take advantage of my military dependent status for the first time. Once we'd had our fill of marine life we capped off our touristy afternoon with a spin on the ferris wheel. We had the perfect weather that day, which I get the feeling is rare, so we wanted to take advantage of the clear skies and get a good bird's eye view of the city.
We took a circuitous walk back to the apartment, regrouped and headed back out for a dinner date at Local 360. We shared apps and enjoyed the intimate candlelit table and their yummy food supposedly sourced from a 360 mile radius. I am sure there are a million restaurants and neighborhoods we must visit during our five years in the Seattle area but this one was a good first stop.  (Feel free to pass along your favorite local recommendations, though).  

These two weeks of dating my husband, living with my husband, waking up with my husband, (being able to say the word husband) have been just plain good fun. Never did I ever think I would be living out in the Pacific Northwest. I have to pinch myself that I get to experience and explore a whole new part of the country. And even better I get to do all this together thing with T.J. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your new city with us!! I've not been west of the Mississippi, so I love seeing another part of our great USA!! So happy for you two!

  2. I love that y'all got a pretty day in Seattle! Those are the best. Looks like you had a great trip!

  3. Can't wait t visit Pikes Fish Market. Fun pics. Xoxoxoxo. HSK. :)

  4. We just moved to the opposite end of the country (to the city where you got married!) and I have been thinking the same things....comprehending that we get to explore a whole new part of the country!

  5. My Hubby's sister and her husband live there and we've visited them and what a wonderful city with endless things to do. I'm sure these next 5 years will be filled with a lot of adventures for the two of you.

  6. We visited during "Restaurant Week" and I highly recommend spending as much time eating out during that week as possible. We ate at a lot of great places during our visit but two stood out... We had a fun time at "The Grill From Ipanema" a Brizailian Streak house where they bring the food around on a spit and carve off pieces at the table (so fun). But hands down our best meal was at the "Icon Grill"! You MUST go there!


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