My Shower and Bachelorette Weekend

Last weekend I was showered in love and some lovely presents by my friends and family! My sister and maid of honor planned such a special weekend for me and I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many of my favorite ladies! Most of my bridesmaids made the trip out for the weekend which I was so excited about. It's not too often that I get to spend a weekend with all my best friends and I know it's a lot to ask of these busy girls to take time out of their lives for all the different wedding festivities.

On Friday, while we were waiting for everyone to arrive, sister and I snuck away for my dress fitting. I was so excited she was able to join me, and reassure me about the alteration decisions, and practice dancing in the dress with me. And it was nice to have a little one on one time with just her.

After several trips to the airport to collect everyone we finally were all under the same roof. We picked up takeout pizzas and salads, popped a couple bottles of wine and got caught up. Then we all watched Pitch Perfect and sang along, because of course.

The next morning we got dressed, loaded up the cars and headed over to the Annapolis area for my very own shower! Along with my sister, one of my childhood friends and her mom hosted it at their home and it was just the sweetest afternoon. They thought of so many cute details, including an adorable green candy bar (as nod to my wedding colors and my undying love for candy) yummy chicken salad sandwiches, and fun games like a bridal version of Scattegories (the women in my family LOVE Scattegories).
Along with these bridesmaids, both grandmas and most my aunts were able to make the trip, as well as a bunch of local family friends. It was so great to visit with everyone before the wedding and I was so excited to receive so many wonderful gifts off my registry and some really personal gifts that I can't wait to set up and use in our new home! 

After the shower we came home and napped and then all my friends wore black dresses and I slipped into something red. I'm not really use to being the center of attention but I've decided that once in a while is okay with me. We had some pre-dinner snacks and then I blushed the entire time I opened up some pretty lingerie. In between each gift my sister asked me questions which she had secretly asked T.J. to answer to test my knowledge of my husband to be. I still have a few things to learn I'm sure (that's an understatement) but I did pretty well!

We then piled into a couple of ubers and headed to my favorite Mexican restaurant in D.C, El Centro DF, for copious amounts of chips and salsa and tacos (and maybe a couple margaritas). Then we strolled a couple blocks over to break in our dancing shoes. Being the bachelorette has some perks and we were able to skip the lines and dance the night away in a vip area without being accosted by any sketchy people. 
We stayed out much later than I have in a looonnnng time before jumping back into cabs and heading home. It was a perfect girls night out and just what I wanted for my bachelorette!

After brunch the following morning everyone was headed home. They left me to work on thank you notes and to figure out the best strategy for packing up all my stuff to ship across the country next month... fortunately after my shower I have a ton of boxes piling up in my room and mom is coming to help me sort it out next week.


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to read your Mom's post about the shower.

  2. What fun!! Love the photos and all you shared! (Oh, to be young again!) :)

  3. Hi! i snuck on over here from your mom's blog to sneak a peek at your shower pics - she hasn't posted her own yet! What an exciting time for you! (And as a military spouse myself, I know the adventure you are headed into..) So glad you had a wonderful shower/bachelorette party weekend! Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any military life/spouse questions!

  4. So EXCITING!!! I'm getting sad that our chances of actually meeting in real life will be slim since you're moving across the country - but keep blogging, because I am loving reading about all of this fun in your life!

  5. Looks like a really fun time and you received some awesome gifts!!! I'm thrilled for you.....

  6. This looks like so much fun!! Enjoy this time - it goes by so fast!!


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