Have my cake and eat it too!

After a big day of wedding planning we still had more to do. Thursday morning we met up with our amazing photographer and it was such a dream. He is great and I am just so excited to have him be a part of our day. We spent over an hour at Starbucks, sitting outside, chatting about the wedding but mostly we just got to know each other and he feels much more like a friend than someone I'm "working with". And I know I'm going to be so much more relaxed around him on the wedding day. He also really helped me work out a timeline so I could more easily picture how the morning, getting ready, and picture taking will all work (which is slightly confusing and has been kind of stressing me out).

After that really great meeting we then met up with my future mother in law and her good friends for lunch before heading to another cake tasting where I felt much more like a pro cake taster and had a much clearer idea about what I was doing.

Side-note: I've been hesitant about how much I want to put on the blog about my actual plans and details for our wedding. I really want it to mostly be a surprise for our guests. Plus I'm planning to drag out the wedding posting for longer than is probably appropriate, so there. Now let's spend a little more time talking about the cake. It's one of those wedding elements that I'm not too shy about sharing on the blog before the big day because it's just cake after all.

So! At the first tasting I had no idea what to expect but I didn't quite anticipate it being as overwhelming as it was. We arrived at the bakeshop where I filled out a form with some details about our wedding, the location, time, number of guests we expect to attend, etc. Then we started browsing through photo albums of all their gorgeous past cakes. Truly there is a style out there for everyone (and some of them are a little bit strange).

I already had a pretty clear picture of the type of cake I wanted. Simple, buttercream frosting, no fondant (blech), and decorated with real fresh flowers. I like the slightly imperfect and roughly frosted style (apparently it's called stucco or swirl) and I shared some pictures that I had pinned for inspiration.

Then we were left to our own devices and we started pairing up cakes with fillings. We weren't quite sure how many flavors would be best for the 4 tiers we need to feed our guests. We ended up picking three and left feeling full but a little confused about what now seemed a sort of hodgepodgy, though undoubtedly delicious, cake.

At our second tasting we had a better idea of what to expect and the gal we met with walked us through it a bit more and recommended that we stick to two flavors. And I think I feel more pleased with the flavor and filling choices that day, though I know either shop can work confectionary magic. We also opted to get a separate tier for T.J. and I to save for our first anniversary. It will already be boxed up for us and ready to travel across the country so we wont have to worry about saving it on the wedding day.
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After we had sufficiently consumed enough cake to last me until the actual wedding, we headed to check out the rehearsal dinner venue and the caterer. I am really looking forward to this part of the wedding weekend and love that I don't have to stress out about it at all. My mother in law has basically made the exact choices I would have made if I was involved in planning this dinner and it's going to be the perfect way to kick off the wedding festivities.

And that was the end of another full day. We collected sister from school and found ourselves in the usual spot on the couch again, worn out from a long, but productive day. I really feel like things are rolling! Those couple day of planning, seeing the venues, meeting with vendors, and making decisions have cleared the way for more things to fall into place. I feel even more excited now that I've seen everything in person and stood in the places where we'll have our first moments as husband and wife. Where we'll tie the knot, cut that cake, have our first dance, and joyfully celebrate.


  1. Years and years ago, I had a little bakery called "The Wedding Cake". All I did was cake - for any occasion, most of my business was wedding cakes. I always did a complimentary heart-shaped cake, in a special box, with napkins and plastic forks, for the bride & groom to take with them. I called it a honeymoon cake. Most used them for their first anniversary. I thought it was a nice touch and set my service above my competitors. Ordering a tier for your anniversary is a great idea!! I'm so glad things are all falling into place for you!


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