Under Pressure

Yesterday's post was all about trusting in God's timing. The beauty of how He work's out everything for good. And even though I know all those things... right now, timing is a tricky subject for me. The first question someone asks after you get engaged is "when's the big day?" and that is currently not exactly an easy question to answer.

A lot of the timing of our new adventure is completely out of mine and T.J.'s hands. I am trusting that things will happen when they are supposed to happen, that I don't need to worry because it will all work out just right. But I can't help but feel the pressure to have a date, a time frame, a general season,  figured out because T.J. and I live very far apart and I am so over that!

So in lieu of those sometimes anxious feelings that I don't want creeping up, here's my mantra... Psalm 37:4.


  1. That is a perfect mantra! Funny how we automatically ask that question of a newly engaged couple. Life goes by so quickly I don't see any reason to rush it. Just stay here an savor this moment.......

  2. A great verse of scripture which has provided much encouragement to me over the years.


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