It's the Little Things

Whenever TJ and I part ways after a visit I'll sometimes find chocolate or treat on my bed. And he always drops me off at the airport with a snack which helps when you have to sprint between connections.
(He's also been known to have chocolate cake or ribs waiting for me when I arrive...)

I also like to leave little sweet reminders for him. That way, after I've gone he has little pieces of me to help with all of the distance between us.

For instance... he is sure to find long strands of blonde hair stuck to all his clothes.

I make sure to pick off all my nail polish on his couch while watching TV. 

I "borrow" t-shirts to sleep in and forget to return them. 

And I "accidentally" leave my shampoo, conditioner in his shower. 

Just to name a few.

It's the little things that make the saying goodbye not quite so hard right? ;) 


  1. He sounds so sweet and love is so wonderful!

  2. I imagine the distance is a lot at times....I like the little things you both do. Your love seems very strong and determined to make the distance not matter as much.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful relationship!


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