Let it Snow

Like the rest of the East Coast and a good chunk of the US in general we saw some snow yesterday. We didn't get enough to cancel work for the whole day but we did get a 2 hour delay which is better than nothing. I spent most (all) of the weekend on the couch with the blinds open,t he Christmas tree lights on and the holiday candle burning. Wrapped up in a blanket watching movies while the snow fell outside. 

There is something really relaxing and comforting about this weather. Sure it's a pain to leave the house and I can't drive in it (trust me on this) and holiday parties get cancelled. But even now the anticipation of a white winter wonderland gets to me. I get all giddy when I see the first flakes fall and I step outside on my front porch to feel them on my hands and catch them with my tongue. 
It really puts you in the Christmas spirit, you know? Along those lines... I was supposed to go to a Young Life Christmas party and I had the perfect shirt to wear. So of course I decided to just wear it around the house instead. You can't see it here, but beneath my warm snugly blanket I'm wearing this t-shirt... name what movie this is from!


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