And lots of cookies.

It's so hard to write about a such a great holiday. It was just a wonderful time a home with lots of family and lots of cookies. Those are the best kinds of vacations in my opinion.

We cooked huge meals and crowded around our dining table and washed a lot of dishes.
We stayed in our pajamas and exchanged gifts and long hugs and thank yous.
We hiked in the snow and sang carols by candlelight.
I sat up late, sitting at the kitchen counter with my Mema, asking for more stories of her early days as a wife, her adventures with my Poppie no longer here.
I spent time with cousins and aunts and uncles and parents and the sister I see not nearly often enough.
And it was crowded, and I slept on an air mattress, and it was noisy and full. 
And it was sort of calm and most definitely bright.  
I think that's how Christmas is supposed to be. I don't even think the silent night was all that silent. 
But I know it was definitely full to the brim with life and family and joy. 


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