my sister

I just need to take moment and really brag about my sister.
The best gift my parents ever gave me was a sister
She is my best friend, my favorite person. 
She and I went to the same university, we were in the same sorority, we can give each other a look and know we're thinking the same thing. 
She's sweet and soft (even when she's feisty and prickly). 
She has the biggest heart and I just love this girl.
For the past almost 2 years sister has been working her butt off to finish her Masters in Early Childhood Education. In between classes and research papers and shadowing and substituting and working, working, working, she has been preparing to become the best elementary school teacher you ever did see.

See, when sister and I were younger we used to "play" school. We would take turns being the teacher and making lesson plans and pretending we understood algebra. (a=1, b=2, c=3.... wait you mean that's not how algebra works?) For her birthday one year sister even asked for, and received, a real overhead projector. You know, the awesome old school kind that weighs a ton, with the transparency sheets and markers. 

As grad school graduation approaches she anxiously applied for positions around the district and waited, and was frustrated, and discouraged, and excited, and just so so ready to have her own classroom and her own lucky group of kids to call her their teacher.

Yesterday she had an interview for a 3rd grade position. She called me after it was over and felt good about it. One of the people interviewing her was named Shannon and in our family we call that a "god wink." Still, she didn't want to get her hopes up. We know that the right class, in the right school, will come along. If this doesn't work out then it's not meant to be.  Be ohhh how we've been praying and praying for it to work out this time.

A few hours later on my way home from work I see my sister's name pop up on my phone.
Of course there is no service on the metro so I can't answer. 
But I just knew. Right that second.
She got a job. She's going to be a teacher. 
I am almost giddy with anticipation and the second my train comes above ground I call her right back.
I just couldn't wait to hear her voice tell me the good news that I already know in my heart.

Sister is going to be a 3rd grade teacher! I think everyone on that metro thought I was nuts as I shouted for joy for her. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I am soooooooooo excited for her!! I just feel so proud and so relieved that things have fallen in to place so perfectly and at the just the right time. We thank you Lord!

And I'm so excited for those sweet students that will be coming into her classroom this year, the one she's been pinning ideas and planning lessons for.
The one she's been dreaming of since she was a little girl playing school in our basement. 


  1. What a sweet post! Congratulations to your sister. I bet your parents are thrilled.

  2. I love you Sissy! This was so sweet and made me cry. Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive and the best big sister ever!!

  3. Ahh this is soo sweet♥ Congrats to her and the whole family!

  4. Awww, this is how I feel about my sister.

    Congrats to her!

  5. Had lunch with your Mom and we were talking about this. Congratulations to your sister!

  6. Love this post. Especially as I was the one asking for blackboards and playing 'school' with my little sister. Poor Kirst - she was 4 and I was 10 so I made her write, learn her alphabet, do reading and all sorts!!

    Congrats to your little sister!

    Laura Anne

  7. Oh, how wonderful! My daughter and DIL are both teachers and they both LOVE their jobs. My daughter is a 5th grade teacher and she can hardly wait for school to start back, she's busy preparing her room right now. So great for you to share her joy!

  8. Awesome blog post. You two are the sweetest things I know. Xoxoxox Dad

  9. Congrats to your sister! That's so exciting for her! And that old picture of you two is so sweet :)

  10. Guess what the best gift I ever got was? You two are the sweetest! xo

  11. This post has me tearing up and very homesick for my own sisters. What a lovely and touching note - and I'm so happy such a wonderful woman is going to be a teacher and get a chance to leave her imprint on lots of young minds. We need more people like you and your sis :)


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