Back to School Shopping

I'm done with school.
For like ever.

Until I have my own sweet kiddos, that I'm packing off with lunch boxes and tied shoelaces, there is no "back to school" season for me.

No excuse to go to office depot and target and fill my mom's grocery cart with colorful spiral notebooks, and highlighters, and my favorite number 2 pencils. No excuse to hit the racks for new skirts and tights and chunky sweaters. A new pair jeans, or maybe two. Please?

When we were younger sister and I hit it big in the back school shopping department. My parents (and grandparents) spoiled us. We'd spend hours at the mall, in and out of dressings rooms trying to agree on what was "cool."  We'd always come home with some great new outfits that we'd lay out all over the bed and admire.

When dad got home we'd hold a fashion show. One by one sister and I would come down the stairs to show off each new ensemble. I remember eagerly deciding what I would wear on the first day and being simultaneously really nervous and excited as I boarded the bus, wondering who my teacher would be, and would I have any friends in my lunch period.

If I could justify back to school shopping this year, these would be some of my picks...
navy parka | chiffon dress | wishbone necklace | my favorite pencils | ruffled henley | averly pullover | OPI You Don't Know Jaques | jumbo sticky note padlong cardi |  Herschel backpack | thin strappy heel | wallet

Unfortunately back to school shopping, or whatever you call it in these post school-age years,  doesn't really work with my whole "save as much money as possible" plan. #grownupproblems


  1. I miss the back to school shopping time I visit we can do some 'work shopping'...not quite as much fun as back to school, but still fun!

  2. I miss back to school shopping too! I bought myself some pens and higlighters the other day while I was at Target. I couldn't resist!


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