Something you should know about me...

I am not good at making decisions. If we are going to be friends you need to be aware of this. It's one of the things about myself that absolutely drives me crazy... and it will drive you crazy too.

Which purse looks better with this outfit? 
Chipotle or chick-fil-a?
Do I want to shower now or in the morning?
Should I wake up for ballet  or sleep in?
Should I stay or should I go? 

I probably should have been a lawyer because I can convince myself of any side of any decision. So well in fact that I literally work myself up into a stressed out little ball trying to just make a choice.

Most recently... do I want to go to the lake with friends or stay in town with my parents for the memorial day weekend?

I like to choose the option that makes everyone else happy first. I am a pretty "glass half full" kind of girl and can be happy doing just about anything. I hate letting people down. Disappointing my parents or hurting someone's feelings kills me. I'm not happy if I sense the people around me are unhappy.

Tell me what you want and that can be what I want too.
That's kind of how my decision making goes...

Choosing between two awesome options cripples me.
Cannot function. Have to ask everyone else's opinion. Have to call my sister, poll my roommates.

What would you do? 
Are you sure you don't mind?
Will you be mad?
Am I annoying you yet?
Can you just decide for me?

I chose to go to the lake and honestly it was out of character for me. Ever since I booked my flight I've been feeling conflicted and guilty and now I'm worried that I'm going to spend my weekend at the lake missing my parents.

Even when I FINALLY make a freakin' decision, I still second guess myself, and fret over it, and look at what it would cost to cancel my flight or book a train to my parents. And basically doubt whether any decision I ever made was right.

And I'll probably keep doing that right on through the trip until the next scenario requires a decision.
Just wanted to give you the heads up because it's been taking up all my attention and I can't think of anything else to blog about.

I'm insane, I know.


  1. WEll, if it's any comfort, I think anyone who lives away struggles with these type decisions. Our daughter and her family live 750 miles away and they do not want to spend every vacation day coming to see us, even though they love to come here. They have other places they want to visit and we so understand that. Thank goodness, she is a teacher and she and our Grandson can come at other times, but it is just plain tough. But, hope you can enjoy yourself now that you have made your decision. Happy week!

  2. The fact that you wrote this post is proof of your dilemma in decision making. Like I said....If it was me (and it was) I'd be going to that lake and doing a little skiing. How do you think I learned to ski so well. Have fun. You made a good decision. Continue to "Make good choices". xoxox Dad :)

  3. This girl is happy about your decision (and totally wouldn't have been upset if you skipped to hang with Mom and Dad cause well...we all need time with our Mamas and Daddies). But YAY! Roomie time twice in one month :-)

  4. Oh girl, I understand all too well. I used to be so decisive, and I wouldn't doubt my decisions for a second! Maybe it comes with getting older, but I second-guess myself way too often now. You will have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend, I'm sure of it :)

  5. May I weigh in on this one? I think going to the lake is a must. Everyone (parents, aunt, uncle and cousins included) totally vote LAKE! We will see you another time soon. Have a GREAT,DOUBT-FREE weekend!


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