Snow Day, Sweaters, & Stethoscopes

We have a snow day today!! Yipee!!
I was like a little kid last night watching and waiting for the first flakes. I was also stalking the US Office of Personnel Management's twitter feed waiting for them to announce the federal government was closed. I didn't stay up late enough to see either of those happen so it was a nice surprise when I got the notice at 4am!

My plan is to stay bundled up in yoga pants all day and only venture out to scoop up enough snow to make "Snow Cream" and maybe enjoy and walk through the winter wonderland. Except right now we only have a dusting... pretty lame for the only snow day of the year. Hoping it steps up it's game so we can get a second day off.

Question, I know it's Wednesday but I can still talk about last weekend, right? 

Fun fact:  I bought the sweater below (from Forever 21!?) on Saturday and then wore it for 3 days. Out to dinner Saturday night, to church on Sunday, and then to work yesterday. Is that gross? I don't know and I don't care because it is so cute and comfy.

Fortunately all those outings involve different people so my roommates were none the wiser... until now. 

Last Friday we made pizza again and it turned out  much better than the last time thanks to the tips left on this previous post.  And what else do you do after enjoying pizza and beer than get your physician's assistant roommate to check your blood pressure? That's totally normal right? 
Some of us take our health very seriously in my house. My roommates will probably not agree, but I think this photo is hilarious and couldn't resist posting it. We're a wild and crazy group I tell you.

Speaking of wild and crazy....I'm going to move from my bed to the couch now and watch some Law & Order SVU. I'm sure there's a marathon on today. There's always a marathon on. 

Hope you all have a great day, with or without snow! 


  1. That is a funny picture. Looks like you guys were enjoying some Girl Scout cookies too. Which beer pairs best with Samoas? Enjoy your day off!

  2. I love the sweater and the way you 'Swoozied' up the photo : )

    Sorry the snow day was just a day, but a day is a day, right?

  3. Ha! I think it was only right for you to wear the sweater a couple of days in a row! I find I love a sweater when it's brand new - and crisp and has no little furballs on it yet. Unfortunately sweaters lose their appeal quickly.

    1. You're so right! (especially sweaters from Forever21...)


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