Love On Our Walls

I wanted to share a little happy project I put together to help celebrate the season of Lent.

A while back I ordered the adorable Lent calendar from Naptime Diaries and was so excited to get these pretty cards in the mail. I love Jessi's blog and she has just cutest shop full of scripture prints for your home.  I couldn't wait to get them up on my wall!

I used some hemp/twine that I already had and bought small clothes pins to string them up on a boring wall in my dining room.

There are 41 cards- one for each day of lent and an extra one for Easter Sunday.
Pretty verses, some song lyrics and sweet thoughts on this season leading up to Easter. A wall full of inspiration and hope!
I wanted to share this with my mom and sister so I bought calendars for them as well. I measured out some extra twine and 41 clothespins, tied everything up with a pretty springy ribbon, popped everything into gift bags and took them to Tennessee with me last weekend as a special surprise!
See how my mom hung hers over here! Unfortunately Naptime Diaries is not selling these particular cards anymore but they do have a printable version you can order and still enjoy!


  1. i love those cards! what a great idea to hang them up like you did...makes for a happy wall :)

  2. Oh, I love these and after reading about them on your Mom's blog I had to order some. I can't wait to get them even though it's a bit late.
    Happy weekend to you!

    1. Yay- it's totally not too late! happy weekend to you as well.


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