It's been a long couple of days. My mom got to town last Tuesday and left on Sunday. I had so many fun things planned. Brunch at my favorite brunch spot, a trip to the Newseum since neither of us have been before, shopping and sightseeing and dinners out and lots of talking.

Of course plans change...
Both mom and I got sick.
She completely lost her voice and I have Shingles.


So instead we ordered take out and mom cooked dinner for us both and we ate Italian ice and popcorn in bed and watched Law & Order SVU (there's always a marathon on tv), oh, and we visited CVS no less that 4 times in 5 days.
(See picture evidence on mom's blog - the pain and the medicine they gave me made my head a little too foggy to operate a camera.)

We still talked, a lot. No sore throat or scratchy voice or painful shingles can stop us from talking or laughing. And we did leave the house one day to visit Target and Loft, because how could we not?

Now I'm back at work today after a needed long weekend. I'm sad mom wont be picking me up from the metro but I'm already planning our next visit. Hopefully it will involve less medication and more fresh air. But if it doesn't I know we'll still have the best days. There is something healing and renewing and just plain wonderful about time with your mom.


  1. I'm still down for the count. Wish you were here-feeling crummy isn't as much fun without you : )

  2. At least you did get to spend time together..... even if it was in bed. A few weeks ago, I sat in bed with my daughter (I wasn't sick) for almost 10 days. She had her wisdom teeth removed and three days later got extremely sick with mono.

    She felt so bad, it wasn't "fun" for her, but I loved having to slow down and just sit with her. She's back at college now.

    1. I read your post about her wisdom teeth ordeal!! Ugh. That sounds miserable. You always want your mama when you're feeling that puny. Glad she's feeling better now.


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