This n' That Thursday

This: Yesterday I tried curling my hair with a flat iron. I've seen/heard people raving about this method for a while now and after watching a tutorial video over at The Shine Project I figured I would give it a try. First attempt... not so bad. It's good for relaxed waves and I liked the laid back texture.
That: Today I woke up to a pretty dusting of snow! We got about an inch and they're calling for more tomorrow. It's about time if you ask me. I'm only okay with it being so brutally cold (low 20s, into the teens...brrr) if there is snow on the ground.
This: Speaking of snow, this gives me the perfect excuse to break out my favorite Sorel boots (unfortunately I think they no longer carry this style). I feel like it's not really winter until I've had the chance to wear them. Bring on the snow! Maybe we'll get enough that the Office of Personnel Management decides to close the Federal Government tomorrow and I can have a really short week. Fingers crossed!
That: For those of you that follow me on instagram or twitter, my apologies for repeating all my pictures on the blog. I feel like I covered all social media bases today. I also linked up below! Have a happy Thursday.
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  1. Curling with a flat iron is awesome. Such a time saver. Have you tried the wand? More time consuming, but very awesome for curling. It's so weird to me that other parts of the world have snow on the ground since here in TX it's like 75 today! :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I just got a pair of Sorel boots and they're super comfy. They're cute, but plain brown. You have just given me the idea of swapping out the boring brown laces for some brightly colored ones! Thanks!

    You're hair looks great, too.

  3. Your hair looks so pretty!!! I still haven't gotten curling down yet. I need to start watching youtube videos and get on that. Annnd I LOVE your boots! So cute. Makes me wish it snowed here so I had an excuse to buy cute snow boots, too.

    Thanks for linking up!! :)


  4. Love your hair curled...very pretty! Love my Sorel boots best for snowy days! I hope you have a nice weekend stay warm!

  5. Love the curls! I have tried to do that so many times and it never turns out!

  6. I'm with you, freezing cold temps are only acceptable if they come with a winter wonderland of snow! Alas where I live, it's been freezing, without any snow. I'm not a happy camper.

  7. I like the relaxed waves! I'm still working on mastering those.


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