Random Weekend Recap

I had a really low key weekend. Both of my roommates were gone for most of it- one for work (she's a PA in the ER and works a lot of nights) and the other was in Disney World (I'm mad at her).  So it was just me, myself, and I this weekend.

On Saturday I woke up and went to ballet class. It's an hour and a half and I always come home feeling great and really motivated! I took a shower and then decided I needed to get started on cleaning my house... because... my mom is coming to visit!!

So I cleaned my bathroom, and washed my towels and rugs and then started on my sheets. Then I made myself lunch. I just want to take this moment to share my newest food obsession and my favorite lunch or snack these days:

Palmetto Cheese with Jalapenos (aka the BEST store bought Pimento Cheese)

My sister turned me on to this. She said to look at my grocery for the pimento cheese with the woman on the lid. I doubted that my store would have it but was thrilled to find it in the deli section. I like it spread on crackers and it definitely would make a good party dip. They also have original flavor and pimento cheese with bacon but I like the kick of this one with jalapenos. And you can order it online if your grocery doesn't have it and your feeling deprived.

That's enough about Pimento Cheese now (but seriously try it).
Later I watched Miss America and had a running text commentary with my sister... here's a little snippet.

We both wanted SC to win and honestly I think she was the obvious choice. I blame the question portion.  They really need to bring back that sound proof box with the headphones and have each girl answer the same question.

Sunday included more cleaning and more time on the couch. It was a good TV weekend, perfect for these gray foggy days we've been having.  Last night was the Golden Globes AND a new episode of Downton Abbey. Speaking of Downton, "Mary Crawley" made my favorites list- apparently I preferred black and gold.

(Michelle Dockery | Kate Hudson | Emily Blunt | Nicole Kidman)

Anyway... hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Tonight I'm going to yoga and then vacuuming my whole house... for some reason I put that chore off. Oh, and of course I'll be watching the Bachelor. Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, you are talking my language, Pimento Cheese. I just had some for lunch with Doritos. I'll be looking for this brand for sure. The hotter the better in my book!

    Yea! for Momma coming. Fun times!

    Happy new week!

  2. Can't wait! Save some pimento cheese for me : )

  3. I am SO glad someone loves Palmetto Cheese with jalepenos as much as I do!!!!! It's my favorite "tv snack!"


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