Goodbye 2012!

You will not be missed. 

I am not going to do the recap of 2012 because I really didn't blog all that much and honestly I am more than ready to bid so long sucker to 2012.
I'm not implying that the year was all lows.
It wasn't. I made a lot of good memories from this year and I definitely learned a lot about myself, maybe I'll do a post about that sometime.

But, like my mom said in her post today, looking back on this year "everything has been painted over with a watercolor sadness that I could not escape." For our family, for me personally, and really just for the world in general, from the way I see it, this was a  hard year. Just being real.
I know that at the stroke of midnight everything will not magically feel right and good. But 2012 is wrung out of energy and I am ready for a new year, another chance for a fresh start in 2013.
So tonight I will be welcoming the New Year at home with some friends, a few too many dips, and some champagne of course. And it will be a celebration, gosh darn it, because 2012 has not defeated me!


  1. Thanks for being real. Your mom's post was a jumping off point for my last post of the year. New Year. Has a hopeful sound to it, huh?

  2. Such cute photos you chose for this post!

    I think many share your sentiments toward 2012. To a new year!


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