Afternoon Tea

This weekend, a very dear friend came to town to play. She got in Thursday evening and stayed in the city with our other shared friend. I met up with them Friday after work at my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Centro DF. Seriously if you live anywhere near D.C. and you've never been, go tonight! We enjoyed margaritas on the roof-top bar while we waited for our table. Then I chowed down on guacamole made table-side followed by the Baja Tacos, which is what I always get and highly recommend. Of course, any meal is made better when you've got this girl in town to enjoy it with you!!
After dinner I headed home but I turned right around on Saturday and headed back into the city with a weekend bag in tow. We laid around for a bit before dressing up and bundling up and heading out for afternoon tea at The Willard. Very view places still offer afternoon tea (this side of the pond) and they only offer it from October through the holiday season.

Please notice that I distinctly said "afternoon tea" and not "high tea". Here's a  history lesson for you: afternoon tea was enjoyed by the upper/leisure class between 3-5pm, it was served with delicate sandwiches and scones and pastries.  High tea, also known as "meat tea" because it usually included heartier foods liked sliced meats and cold cuts, was enjoyed mostly by the working class between 5-7pm.  Afternoon tea is to Downton Abbey, what high tea is to The Kardashians, just kidding.

We had a fun time saying "that is so high tea of you" every time the conversation took a less than classy turn... which was pretty frequent.

Anywho... afternoon tea at the Willard is a purely indulgent way to spend three hours on a Saturday and a good time was had by all.

Tea was followed by sweat pants and a nap and which was followed by delicious take out Thai food. Here is where, lately, most of my weekends end. Take out food and movies on the couch in my sweat pants, and going to bed early is what I excel at these days.

But this weekend was different. This weekend I changed out of my sweat pants and into "going-out" clothes and then actually headed back out!! We went to an actual party and then an actual bar and I wasn't tired or cranky. And my feet didn't hurt and I danced, A LOT, and I stayed out and had a blast. Maybe it was having college friends in town, maybe it was the extra hour, I don't know, but whatever it was, I enjoyed the break from my quiet weekend rut.

Sunday we lounged around before settling on Logan Tavern for Bloody Mary's and brunch. Because what girl's weekend is complete without Sunday brunch?

Hope everyone had an equally enjoyable weekend!


  1. Sounds like a GREAT weekend!!!! Hope to see you soon.

  2. I always found El Centro dangerous, because any place that gives you free tequila tastings is crazy! But I do miss Logan Tavern already!


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